PhenQ, Peer Reviewed With Real Before and After Pics

If you are searching for the strength of multiple diet supplements, all combined into a single pill, you may be enticed by PhenQ as this is just what this product promises to deliver!

PhenQ consists of some intriguing, notable and strange substances to lose weight, but will the effects work in the way in which the promotion explains?

And most importantly could it be harmless?

We take an intensive look into PhenQ for more information.

What is PhenQ?

PhenQ fat burner

PhenQ is a diet product made by Bauer Nutrition. It’s based on exactly the same study behind prescribed Phentermine drugs.

On the other hand, the product promotes itself being a ‘Phen-alternative.’

One of the most obvious difference is the fact that, in contrast to Phentermine drugs, PhenQ doesn’t need a doctor’s prescription since it is manufactured from 100% natural and organic substances instead of harmful drugs.

However more to the point, the cautiously made solution of this product takes the best features of weight loss supplements like Appetite suppressants and this product augments them with the forces of 100 % natural ingredients.

Most weight loss supplements, such as Phentermine, control the urge for food by discouraging the creation of cholecystokinin (CCK), the intestinal tract endocrine that triggers food cravings.

So How Does PhenQ Work?

how phenQ works

This supplement generally works by inducing your body’s thermogenic (heat developing) process.

Increasing your body’s temp requires extra vitality. In order to meet this requirement, your whole body will heighten the pace at which it processes meals and even start to transform body fat into energy.

This process will not only help you slim down but also provides you with more vitality.



PhenQ Ingredients


As a result, we’ll consider the effects of relevant scientific studies.

These types of scientific studies correspond with whether the PhenQ substances without a doubt prove good at supporting people shed weight.


1 – Capsimax Powder

This is the blend of chili peppers, piperine, a level of caffeine, along with niacin:

Capsicum — Originating from chili plants, a 2012 research shows that chili peppers play a part in achieving considerable weight reduction.

This by-product offers to influence the entire process of shedding pounds by reduction of energy consumption. Or even, in less complicated terminology, chili peppers prove to work as a hunger

Piperine — Also known as black pepper additionally proves by at least one clinical research to play a part in fat burning.

Caffeine — This as well as research in more than a single study.

For example, a ’09 research in the Western European Journal of Scientific Nutrition testifies PhenQ to have an impact on the burning of unhealthy calories and to control the urge for food.

Niacin — also Niacinamide. In line with the National Library of drugs, Niacin “is equally important for transforming meals to energy.”

Despite all the important features niacin works for a nutritious body, our bodies don’t keep niacin.

For that reason, intake of food or dietary products should continually rejuvenate your body. In accordance with a 2010 research in the Journal of Gastroenterology, niacin also serves as a good appetite catalyst.

The fact is that the other components of niacin counteract its fat loss positive aspects.

2 — Calcium Mineral Carbonate

Calcium mineral Carbonate is a supplement type of nutritional calcium. PhenQ’s website states that this substance stimulates your body to lose fat.

On the other hand, the scientific study they mention actually does not seem to aid it.

On top of that, the final results of some research contradict that this substance has an important role in weight reduction in any way.

The Last Note: Calcium mineral carbonate could cause nominal PhenQ negative effects, while we will talk about a little more on.

3 — Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate is usually an organic nutrient which is in many nutritious foods, for example, lean meats, whole grain products, vegetables, and fruit.

A ’93 research released in The Journal of Nutrients evidences that chromium can certainly counteract blood insulin resistance.

Therefore, help with blood sugar levels regulation, that really help control urges for carbs (and thus reduce consumption of calories).

4 – Nopal

Nopal is the particular pad from the Mexican prickly pear cactus plant.

A particular 2014 research states that the dietary fiber in this ingredient is effective in helping your body to get rid of the fats itself.

This research also proves that nopal is a nutritious portion of the product apart from weight reduction.

5 – L-Carnitine Furmurate

L-Carnitine Furmurate is undoubtedly a protein helps with fat metabolization and vitality production.

Red lean meats, grape, and dairy products among other food items have this particular PhenQ ingredient.

6 – The Mineral Magnesium Stearate Oxide

The mineral magnesium is organic mineral which is important for many bodily functions.

Companies often use Magnesium Mineral Stearate to combine and sustain an effective mixture of product ingredients.

7 – aLacy’s Reset

The true secret ingredient is a blend of alpha-lipoic chemical p and cysteine.

It works as a metabolic process accelerator and boosts fat burning capacity.



Benefits of PhenQ in 90 Days

how much can you lose with PhenQ

The main reason of the body builds up fat is when it avoids wasting unhealthy calories for later use as well as to give protection to your internal organs.

Because of this, those who don’t eat meals to lose weight or who’re often anxious about their weight, they usually gain pounds. The body tries to defend itself from meals shortage.

On the other hand, in this modern-day world, none of those events will probably take place, and your body’s transformative safety mechanisms do more damage than good.

The dietary supplement counteracts these types of bodily processes with all-natural substances that encourage your body that it’s well revitalized and doesn’t need more fat.

This is actually a good deal of aid for those on a diet who can’t regulate their hunger for food. This supplement includes mood-enhancing substances to counteract the depression that often comes along with consuming less food.

Last but not least, PhenQ enhances the body’s transformation of formerly stored extra fat deposits directly into energy – allowing you to reduce weight while feeling more conscious and alert than before.

phenq results and feedbacks PhenQ-Results-1-1 PhenQ-Results-2


PhenQ is actually authorized as a ‘Doctor Trusted Website’ and features one of the links on its website so that you can verify this state.

The web page also has a variety of accreditations that show it’s safe for use, the online order form, such as Secure Payments: Hacker Safe, Norton Secured, and Scan Alert.

On top of that, Bauer Nutrition is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) authorized which means that the locations where the products are manufactured are clean and that there isn’t any chance of impurities.

Money-back Guarantee

Bauer Nutrition is so positive about its supplement that they provide you a 60-day money-back guarantee on any purchase of PhenQ.

In fact, the main features of the guarantee provide you with a 67-day to return the supplement for a 100 % refund.

There are several conditions and terms that must be followed to get all of your refunds.

PhenQ’s Prices

There are presently 3 deals available: purchase one package for;

$69.95 (plus handling and shipping)

buy 2 bottles and get 1 cost-free for $139.95,

and purchase 3 bottles get 2 cost-free along with a free detox tea for $189.92.

Almost any buying of 2 bottles is eligible for free delivery.

They give a 60-day money back assurance. Therefore you have absolutely nothing to lose but your body weight.

Simply return any untouched PhenQ in its initial product packaging within sixty-seven days, and the company provides you with a 100 % refund, not including any delivery charges.

Get PhenQ Delivered To Your Doorstep

price-table for phenQ


  • The supplement provides an all-natural way of weight reduction.
  • There aren’t any gloomy effects.
  • The maker gives a 60-day money back


  • The serving quantity of each substance isn’t provided.
  • Users are encouraged not to take any caffeine solutions.

Final Thoughts

There aren’t any safety issues serious enough to avoid PhenQ.

Additionally, you will find enough favorable customer testimonials and study to validate the user of this weight loss supplement.

In the long run, though, this can be a choice that must look carefully. And even consult with your health care professional.

This has to be considered if you have health conditions. Or you are on a prescription medicine that may hinder PhenQ’s substance combination to work effectively.

Moreover, if you are a pregnant or expectant mother then you are highly advised that you should use this product. Having these conditions could ruin your health while using this supplement.

One final note when making your decision that you should buy PhenQ or not:

This dietary supplement is a fat loss accelerator and booster, all the buzz and fuss aside, the manufacturers don’t make any claim that these are magical attributes.

This product comes with a regular weight reduction plan and routine, including a nutritious diet and workout.

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