About Us

We have helped the strong become strong(er) since 2006 by following the primary aim to Live, Learn, and Pass on. Our core values; Focus, Trust, and Strength have enabled us to be the industry’s top information and equipment destination for strength athletes or anyone that places training at a high priority within their life.

Cofounded by Dr Saleh, Yahya & Salah, First Page Fitness was born in 2006 with one simple goal: to make average athletes great and great athletes elite. From a brand to a culture, what started as a website solely providing a Q&A, articles, and seminars progressively transformed into a company that has been educating and outfitting the strongest athletes around the world for more than 12 years.

Core Values

Focus, Trust, Strength

Today and tomorrow, to earn and hold the trust we’ve built over 12 years, our focus is how we can better support our readers and customers to be the industry’s top information and equipment destination for strength athletes or anyone that places training at a high priority within their life.

Our trust and focus grip a vision of strength that encompasses the synergistic work of First Page Fitness staff, brand representatives, outside contractors, suppliers, customers, and readers.

We keep this vision stable, mobile, and inconstant development inspired by our core values in a number of ways: by continuously expanding a committed editorial staff; by always seeking partnerships with business,academic, not-for-profit, educators, and others to share accurate, actionable information; by constantly seeking product innovation, a stronger global supply chain, and additional equipment partners; and, by constantly striving to remain a cost-competitive destination that is customizable and fully supported by world-class service.

What We Do

Live, Learn, Pass On

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